Through the Looking Glass

Every time Ron and I teach a PRI Vision course, I gain a slightly different appreciation of what I get to be a part of in my life.  That’s because of the people involved.  Each person comes in with their own perception of what vision is and does, because of their own unique looking glass through which they see the world.  These collectively lead the two days in subtly different directions, where some concepts, ideas and activities get more time than others.

This past weekend, we taught our Postural-Visual Integration course in Grayslake, Illinois.  In that room were physical therapists and assistants, athletic trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, corrective exercise specialists, personal trainers, lifelong learners, and even an optometrist.  The variety of titles and occupations, ages, years in their occupation, and each individual’s experience with their own vision are what make teaching, for me, so exciting.  What is so powerful is the interaction of the people around me, each individual focusing their looking glass based on where it started, what they take from what is presented and what others share.

Larry MacDonald, OD, said (paraphrasing) “Eyes don’t tell people what to see.  People (the brain) tell eyes what to look for.”  I wonder how many that were in that room have used their looking glass, with a different focus, this week to see why the people they treat and interact with behave the way they do.  I wonder how many of them have thought “I bet this person might do that activity different if I have them face into a big room instead of look at a wall.”  I hope we inspired them all to have done that at least once.

Isn’t this what we all do every day in life with each experience?  Each experience is perceived differently by the people involved because of their looking glass.  It’s been said that people never really change.  Is that true?  I know I came out of the weekend changed.  I am officially another year older after celebrating a birthday, I gained new friends and further appreciation for ones I already had.  I laughed so hard I couldn’t stand up, met an integrative-thinking woman from Brazil, and found comfort in letting my fear show.  I heard insight and wisdom from those with different backgrounds that at times made me pause in awe.  We talked of dogs, Lady Gaga, the earth’s magnetic pull, feeling the floor, seeing space, baseball, child development, and the beat of the music next door.  Even some of the material we presented struck new chords in me as I got the opportunity to discuss it with those around me, deepening my understanding of and respect for the amazing thing called the human brain.

Yes, it was a course about vision.  But it gave me access to priceless moments for my own looking glass to focus on, making me a better clinician and life participant.  I am changed.  For that, I am grateful for all those who took time to join me this past weekend.


As Always, Keep Moving Beyond Sight!

Dr. Heidi


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