Vicky and Her Magic Glasses Part 6 of 7

In video 6 Ron and Dr. Heidi try a minor tweak of the prescription to see if they can get a little more benefit for Vicky’s symptoms.  Just a minor tweak locks up Vicky a little in her right shoulder so it is scrapped.  Determination of the most effective prescriptions is based strictly on very specific objective findings, but also subjective feelings of the patient.  That’s how we can steer patients out of negative neurological patterns consistently over and over again.  Vicky is now ready to start her postural restoration work with PRI therapists to “rewire” her system so she can override the old pain causing patterns she has dealt with for many years. The next video we get to hear Vicky’s story directly from her describing how much she has dealt with in her everyday life over the years.  She is very grateful to have help and we at PRI Vision are blessed to have the opportunity to work with a patient as great as Vicky.  Thanks Vicky!

Keep Moving Beyond Sight!

Dr. Heidi

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