Vicky and Her Magic Glasses Part 3

Part 3 begins with Vicky trying to left center. Her improvement over video 1 is notable here. When Dr. Heidi checks her for diplopia (double vision) she still has a little trouble in inferior right gaze. However, with the glasses on she can eliminate the double vision herself when challenged, and that means we can teach her to do it more frequently and with less effort over time. What’s important to note here is that she doesn’t need prisms to help her do this! Next she is tested in all fields of gaze while seated. Her subjective responses are interesting. Her daughter gets to help be a part of the evaluation too, and it’s important to note that we we strongly encourage every patient to bring along at least one significant other to be a part of the process. Vicky’s physical changes are dramatic enough that her daughter picks up on them pretty quickly and easily. When family gets involved there is a better understanding about what is actually happening to the patient and therefore outcomes are better. The mental support is huge!

Keep Moving Beyond Sight!

Dr. Heidi

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