Here is a post from Sangini Rane, PT,

Here is a post from Sangini Rane, PT, PRC, who is co-owner of Apex Physical Therapy and Wellness Center in North Carolina.  In April, she brought three patients with her all the way from North Carolina to PRI Vision to see Dr. Heidi Wise, OD, FCOVD and Ron Hruska, MPA, PT.  Her words ring with great excitement!  Thanks again for making a real difference and for sharing, Sangini!

“Had a great day in Lincoln Nebraska, in spite of this cold weather. Got to love Lincoln if you get away from 80 deg to 30 something in Lincoln! There is only one Ron Hruska, PT and one Dr. Wise, OD in the whole world here in Lincoln, who give meaning and purpose to what I love doing, which is helping my patients get out of pain. Just today, working together as a team ( an optometrist, Dr. Wise and a physical therapist, Ron), they worked miracles yet again with not one, but three of my patients. One was able to get rid of chronic hip pain, the other was able to alleviate neck and upper back pain and a third was able to just breathe right with a diaphragm vs her neck, all this by achieving symmetry through the ribcage and pelvis by get this, a pair of corrective lenses that shut off muscles that were working too hard and fired muscles that were not. Nothing else in this world would have done what these two professionals did as a team, testing the patients to identify their problem, putting trial lenses on their eyes and retesting to see if their muscle patterns changed, making the muscles fire in this new pattern if they did change and then messing them up again to show them the difference with and without the new lenses and making it good again with the lenses to prove that it indeed make the difference. Just one word to explain it all ” WOW!” We have a lot of work to do when we get back home, retraining all three of them with their new glasses, but I am so excited !!!! Thank you again, Ron and Dr. Wise for doing what you do and a big thank you to my patients for putting their faith in me and trusting me enough to come all this way to get a step closer to being on the path to a pain free life.”